[BRO`RAID] Tigres Prison

Brochachos Tigres Prison Raid o//

We gonna apply for event (Weekend Special GM Buff Event) and receive crazy buff from GMs~ and some coupons for roulettes !
Our target gonna be Tigres Prison raid we gonna Brotornado it (UP TO < 10 FLOOR GOGO), All floors in Hard ways ofc \o/ I hope everything will go smooth *Brofist*

1. We need our strongest Bros with roles ! Because places are limited
2. Soul Crystals, Triumphs, Soupies, Status Ampules, Principal pots, magic ampules, shooting ampules are required !
3. Day/Time is decided already: Sunday 17:00 server time start O//
gathering after 16SST

Tigres Squad:
1. Neery – Tank (Sirius Valeria Anis)
2. Mommy – DPS (SCCano ? Emilia)
3. Rubymuscles – DPS (Natalie Kess Brunie)
4. me – mDPS (Van Van Ralpy)
5. Toruru – (Leonel Cadet L Elisa)
6. Sucy – (Rio Rosa Bern)
7. Saitama – Hybrid (Emilia Leonel Amy)
8. Macy – Debuff (Lisa Brunie Emilia)
9. Ducky – Hybrid (? ? Viki)
10. Eva chan (Extreme – Kess, Ele, Viki)

I repeat for this raid we need all our best not everyone gonna be able to join q_q I`m really sorry about it (Ruby`s fault as usual XD)

On the list we have some ex Bros and Sisters from other factions
Leave a comment below to apply

P;s; http://viva-vespanola.blogspot.gr/p/prison-break.html
The one and only guide. Everyone must check =^-^=

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