[Bro`Tornado] Basement Clock Tower

Broooooooochachos o//

The time have come. We need to make a step from our virgin life of Basement CT o//
This weekend we plan to make Basement CT !

Day: Sunday (2 of October)
Time: 20:00 (can be changed)

Everyone who completed Leaders of New Era can join the raid o/ just apply above, whisper me in game or Rubynub <3 , Mommy <3

Squad formation of 12:
1. Mommy – mDPS (Bunny)
2. Rubymuscles – DPS (Vanshee)
3. Neery – Buffer (Sirius)
*4. Toruru – pDPS (Leo we need Mark) (not sure)*
5. Sae – pDPS (Calyce)
6. Garsy – pDPS (Ralpy)
7. Gaterers – Tank (Rio)


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