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[BRO`RAID] Tigres Prison

Brochachos Tigres Prison Raid o//

We gonna apply for event (Weekend Special GM Buff Event) and receive crazy buff from GMs~ and some coupons for roulettes !
Our target gonna be Tigres Prison raid we gonna Brotornado it (UP TO < 10 FLOOR GOGO), All floors in Hard ways ofc \o/ I hope everything will go smooth *Brofist*

1. We need our strongest Bros with roles ! Because places are limited
2. Soul Crystals, Triumphs, Soupies, Status Ampules, Principal pots, magic ampules, shooting ampules are required !
3. Day/Time is decided already: Sunday 17:00 server time start O//
gathering after 16SST

Tigres Squad:
1. Neery – Tank (Sirius Valeria Anis)
2. Mommy – DPS (SCCano ? Emilia)
3. Rubymuscles – DPS (Natalie Kess Brunie)
4. me – mDPS (Van Van Ralpy)
5. Toruru – (Leonel Cadet L Elisa)
6. Sucy – (Rio Rosa Bern)
7. Saitama – Hybrid (Emilia Leonel Amy)
8. Macy – Debuff (Lisa Brunie Emilia)
9. Ducky – Hybrid (? ? Viki)
10. Eva chan (Extreme – Kess, Ele, Viki)

I repeat for this raid we need all our best not everyone gonna be able to join q_q I`m really sorry about it (Ruby`s fault as usual XD)

On the list we have some ex Bros and Sisters from other factions
Leave a comment below to apply

The one and only guide. Everyone must check =^-^=

[Bro`Army] Weekly Event 2

I was a bit late to update website.
Last event consisted in attending raids. We all know that it was limited raids, not everyone could join, etc. Now it’s time for you, Brochachos, to show your improvment.

Until the 1st of October (01/10 for nubs) 00:00st, you’ll have the chance to win awesome rewards! 3 rewards will be prepared, which means 3 bros will be rewarded this time (1st, 2nd, 3rd places). Prizes are still hidden for now, we’ll update later or sooner.
What you need to do? You need to get the best chip you can! The type of the weapon doesn’t matter. It can be strata, vigilar, divine, const or whatever. We will focus on ATK+Racial (wildlife, lifeless, human, demon, undead). The person who can show the highest (luckiest) chip wins, and the two best following chips will probably set the 2nd, 3rd winners.

For details, contact Ruben. (Btw that bibo is calling it a crafting event, however it’s actually a chipping event) owo

Conditions might change at any time, but this event should be more stable. Everyone can participate!