[Update] Website

Hiho ! Mommy writing !
We’re going to rework on website. It has been a long time and lots of things changed. People left faction or took break of GEEU but at time like this, we can see the real brochachos: those who stick together no matter what, who wanna stay derpers forever, who can find stuff by themselves without crying, who enjoy the game like they can. <:

The current design is very ugluuuy, but no worries, soon I’ll put more bunnies and flowers… I plan to make the website handier, despite I don’t understand sh1t of the hosting but oki. There will be a new design but also cute stuffs and some baby event from time to time (depending on my mood because I’m greedy). Because FB suk so much, I wanna make the website cute. A huge cleaning will happen, I’ll clearly remove ALOT of old posts.

Stay tunned for more cacas !

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